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Freight and demurrage


Fast as can (loading or discharge)


Free in


Free of all average


Forwarder Air Bill


A term used to distinguish manufacturing operations for components as opposed to assembly operations.


Forwarding agents commission

Factory Delivery

The delivery of goods by a factory whereby the goods are put at the disposal of another (internal) party such as a commercial department.


Fuel Adjustment Factor


A navigable channel for vessels, often the regular or prescribed track a vessel will follow in order to avoid dangerous circumstances.


See Freight All Kinds.


Facilitation Committee of the IMO.


Special Programme on Trade Facilitation (UNCTAD)

Family Group

A group of related products for which demand can be aggregated in order to assess overall demand for the material or parts which make up the family group products.


Identical to a GP but is fitted with an electric extraction fan for carriage of cargoes prone to condensation. 20' only

FAQ (1)

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (2)

Free along side quay or free at quay

FAQ (3)

Free average quality


See Free Alongside Ship (...named port of shipment).

Fashion Transport

Transport of clothing and/or garments including shoes, belts and handbags in dedicated means of transport. FCA See Free Carrier (...named place).

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

FMCG are a product group of retail goods, such as food and drinks.


Free on board harbour


FlATA Negotiable Combined Transpon Bill of Lading


See Fully Cellular Containership.


See full container load.


Franco free


Forwarders Certificate of Receipt (FIATA Document)


Free of capture. seizure, riots and civil commotions


Forwarders Certificate of Transport (FIATA Document)

Feed Back

The flow of information back into the control system so that actual performance can be compared with planned performance.


A vessel normally used for local or coastal transport (for carriage of cargo and/or containers) to and from ports not scheduled to be called by the main (ocean) vessel, directly connecting these ports to the main (ocean) vessel.


An appliance made of rubber, timber and/or rope or other materials normally attached to a dock or quay used to prevent damage to the hull of a vessel especially during mooring and un-mooring operations.


See Forty Foot Equivalent Unit.


Free of general average


Friday and Holidays excepted


Free in and stowed


Free into barge


Freight, insurance, carriage


See First In First Out.

Fifth Wheel

Circular or wheel-shaped bearing mechanism, secured on the rear of the chassis of a truck-tractorm that engages the semi-trailer king pin with a spring lock device and supports the weight of the front end of the semi-trailer.


Free in harbour


Describes the relationship between the volume of goods and available storage or transport space.


See Free In Liner Out.

Finished Goods

Inventory to which the final increments of value have been added through manufacturing.

Finished Goods Stock

Stock that is available for supply to an external consumer, including items that have been supplied but not invoiced to an external consumer.


See Free In and Out.


First available vessel

First In First Out (FIFO)

The method whereby the goods which have been longest in stock (first in) are used, delivered (sold) and/or consumed first (first out).

First Pick Ratio

During order picking, the percentage of orders or lines for which 100% completion was achieved from the primary location or picking face.


Freight, insurance and shipping charges


Free into waggon

Fixed Assets

Resources for long-term ownership, e.g. machines, premises, subsidiaries.

Fixed Cost

A cost which will be unchanged even if the operation volume is changed.

Fixed Crane

A crane of which the principal structure is mounted on permanent or semi permanent foundations.

Fixed Height Load-carrying Truck

Truck carrying its load on a non-elevating platform. Synonym: Fixed platform truck.

Fixed Order Interval

An inventory control system for which a maximum stock level has been calculated based on usage during the lead time and order interval. Stock is reviewed at specified time periods and subsequent order size equates to the difference between the maximum stock level and the current inventory position. Thus, the order size will vary according to usage between reviews.

Fixed Order Quantity (Fixed Order Size)

An inventory control system where stock is reviewed continuously and, whenever the inventory falls to a predetermined point, an order for a fixed quantity of stock is generated.

Fixed Platform Truck

See Fixed Height Load-carrying Truck.


This is an inventory control system which means that inventory volume is checked at regular dates and orders are placed systematically. The order quantity is equal to the capacity level, minus the volume of goods already in stock.


An indication of the country in which a means of transport is registered through a reference to the ensign of this country.


Capable to be set on fire under given circumstances. (Amendment 25 IMO DGS).

Flash Point

The lowest temperature at which a good produces enough vapour to form a flammable mixture with air.


See Flat Rack.

Flat Bed Trailer

A wheeled trailer or a semi-trailer with a flat cargo carrying surface or deck and without any superstructure.

Flat Pack

Garments packed in cardboard boxes.

Flat Rack

A flat bed with fixed ends suitable for the carriage of cargo of excessive width and plated for carriage of heavy loads. 20' and 40'


Any group of means of transport acting together or under one control.


The extent to which and the rate at which adjustments to changed circumstances are possible.

Flexible Computer Integrated Manufacturing (FCIM)

FCIM is the integration of equipment, software, communication, human resources, and business practices within an enterprise to rapidly manufacture, repair, and deliver items on demand with continuous improvements in the processes. The FCIM initiative is a Joint Service and Agency effort to establish and implement the procedures and processes needed.


A large polythene liner which can be fitted inside a 20'GP for the transportation of non-hazardous liquids

Flight Member

A licensed crew member charged with duties essential to the operation of an aircraft during flight time.

Flight Number

A combination of two letters, indicating the airline, and three or four digits indicating the number of the voyage. Synonym: Line Number.


First Line Management


Freely suspending in water of an object.

Floating Crane

A crane mounted on a barge or pontoon, which can be towed or is self propelled.

Floating Dock

A floating structure that can be partially submerged to enable vessels to enter and to leave and which can be raised for use as a dry dock.

Floating Stock

See Pipeline Inventory.

Floor Ready Merchandise (FRM)

FRM; are goods prepared ready to go directly to the sales floor in a retail operation. Goods can be made floor-ready at any stage in the supply chain, because the process is not complex – adding product labels, price labels, and security tags, and pre-assorting and packaging.

Flow Change Costs

Costs which occur when there is a change in the manufacturing rate, e.g. with seasonal fluctuations.

Flow Chart

A diagram, using symbols and depicting the sequence of events that should take place in a complex set of tasks.

Flow control

A term often used to describe a specific production control system.

Flow Cycle Time

Gives information about the time that is needed for production and distribution of products. Please also see "throughput time".

Flow Line

The direction of flow in which e.g. pallets have been positioned and stowed.

Flow of materials

The flow of materials and components which goes to and through the factory for the production process.

Flow Oriented Layout

Production equipment is placed in flow lines, so called manufacturing cells. A manufacturing cell consists of a primary machine operating at full capacity and a number of secondary machines.

Flow-Through Distribution

An inventory reduction strategy in which parts are received from multiple locations at one facility, consolidated by destination, and delivered within the same day.


Forklift truck


Federal Maritime Commission (Control of shipping acts USA)

FMC (2)

Fully Mission Capable


Fast Moving Consumer Goods


See Free On Board (...named port of shipment).


Flags of convenience


See Forecastle.


Free of damage


Free on quay


Free on rail (lncoterms)

Force Majeure

Circumstance which is beyond the control of one of the parties to a contract and which may, according to the terms and conditions, relieve that party of liability for failing to execute the contract. Synonym: Act of God.

Fore and Aft Stowage

Stowage from the bow to the stern (lengthwise), as opposed to stowage athwartships.


An estimation or calculation in advance; a prediction. The amount of cargo expected to be booked for a certain sailing of a vessel. The number of containers expected to be used in a certain area, for steering purposes.

Forecast Demand

The prediction, projection or estimation of expected demand over a specified future time period.


Abbreviation: Fo'c's'le. Forward part of a vessel where stores, ropes and anchor chains are located.

Fork Lift Pockets

See Fork Pockets.

Fork Lift Truck

A three or four wheeled mechanical truck with forks at the front designed for lifting, carrying and stowing cargo.

Fork Pockets

Openings or recesses in a side of a container for the entry of the forks of a fork lift truck. Synonym: Fork Lift Pockets.

Formula of Camp

A mathematical formula on behalf of inventory management for calculating the optimum order quantity.

Forty Foot Equivalent Unit

Abbreviation: FEU. Unit of measurement equivalent to one forty feet shipping container.


At, near or towards the bow or front of a vessel or an aircraft.


The party arranging the carriage of goods including connected services and/or associated formalities on behalf of a shipper or consignee. Synonym: Freight Forwarder.

Forwarding Instruction

Document issued to a freight forwarder, giving instructions to the forwarder for the forwarding of goods described therein.


Free on steamer or ship


Free on truck (rail) (lncoterms)

Four Way Pallet

A pallet of which the frame permits the entry of forks of e.g. a fork lift truck at all four sides.


Free on wharf

FOW (2)

First open water


Free of particular average


Freight payable at destination


Flat rack (container)


Easily breakable. Term denoting that goods should be handled with care.


Market condition when there is no dominant group of buyers or suppliers, but where many buyers are chasing many suppliers, often inefficiently.


Amount which in case of damage will have to be borne by the assured.


Free Carrier (named point) (lncoterms)

Free Airport

See Free Trade Zone.

Free Alongside Ship ...

Abbreviation: FAS

Free Carrier ...

Free Carrier" means that the seller fulfils his obligation to deliver when he has handed over the goods, cleared for export, into the charge of the carrier named by the buyer at the named place or point. If no precise point is indicated by the buyer, the seller may choose within the place or range stipulated where the carrier shall take the goods into his charge. When, according to commercial practice, the seller's assistance is required in making the contract with the carrier (such as in rail or air transport) the seller may act at the buyer's risk and expense.  This term may be used for any mode of transport, including multimodal transport.  "Carrier" means any person who, in a contract of carriage, undertakes to perform or to procure the performance of carriage by rail, road, sea, air, inland waterway or by a combination of such modes. If the buyer instructs the seller to deliver the cargo to a person, e.g. a freight forwarder who is not a "carrier", the seller is deemed to have fulfilled his obligation to

Free Circulation, Libre Circulation

The movement of goods within the European Community without the need to pay any duty.

Free House Unclear

Delivered at a certain destination without payment of certain duties or incurred costs.

Free In and Out (FIO)

Transport condition denoting that the freight rate excludes the costs of loading and discharging and, if appropriate, stowage and lashing.

Free In Liner Out (FILO)

Transport condition denoting that the freight rate is inclusive of the sea carriage and the cost of discharging, the latter as per the custom of the port. It excludes the cost of loading and, if appropriate, stowage and lashing.

Free Lift

The maximum elevation of the forks of a fork lift truck.

Free On Board ...

Free on Board means that the seller fulfils his obligation to deliver when the goods have passed over the ship's rail at the named port of shipment. This means that the buyer has to bear all costs and risks of loss of or damage to the goods from that point.  The FOB term requires the seller to clear the goods for export.  This term can only be used for sea or inland waterway transport. When the ship's rail serves no practical purpose, such as in the case of roll-on/roll-off transport, the FCA term is more appropriate to use

Free Port

An international port or an area within an international port at which, crew, passengers, baggage, cargo, mail and stores may be disembarked or unloaded, may remain and may be transhipped, without being subjected to any customs charges or duties. (Examination is possible for instance to meet security or narcotics control requirements.) Source: IMO.

Free Pratique

Permission granted by local medical authorities, denoting that the vessel has a clean Bill of Health so that people may embark and disembark.

Free Stock

See Available Stock.

Free Trade Zone

(FTZ) A part of the territory of a state where any goods introduced are generally regarded, in so far as import duties and taxes are concerned, as being exempted (Kyoto Convention). Synonym: Free Port, Free Airport.

Freeboard of a Vessel

Vertical distance from the main deck to the surface of the water measured at the middle of the vessel's length.


The amount of money due for the carriage of goods and payable either in advance or upon delivery.

Freight All Kinds (FAK)

Single freight which is charged irrespective of the commodity.

Freight Collect

Freight and charges be paid by the consignee.

Freight Container

See Container.

Freight Costs

Costs incurred by the merchant in moving goods, by whatever means, from one place to another under the terms of the contract of carriage. In addition to transport costs this may include such elements as packing, documentation, loading, unloading and transport insurance.

Freight Forwarder

Forwarders provide shipping, documentation, customs clearance and brokerage, consolidation, storage and insurance.

Freight Invoice

An itemized list of goods shipped and services rendered stating fees and charges.

Freight Manifest

A (cargo) manifest including all freight particulars.

Freight Prepaid

Freight and charges to be paid by the consignor.

Freight Ton

A unit for freighting cargo according to weight and/or cubic measurement. Synonyms: Revenue ton, Bill of Lading ton.


A vessel or an aircraft used for the carriage of cargo.

Frequency Storage Location

In an inventory part numbers with high input/output frequency are located in such a way that the work cycle time in collecting and delivering these parts is kept to a minimum.

Frt. ton

freight ton


Freight forward


Fuel Surcharge


Foot (feet)


Freight prepaid


Freight Transport Association


Full Truck Load, an indication for a truck transporting cargo directly from supplier to receiver.


File Transfer Protocol


See Free Trade Zone.

Full Container Load (FCL)

A container stuffed or stripped under risk and for account of the shipper and/or the consignee.  A general reference for identifying container loads of cargo loaded and/or discharged at merchants' premises.

Full Trailer

A truck trailer constructed in such way that its own weight and that of the cargo rest upon its own wheels, instead of being supported by e.g. a tractor.

Fully Cellular Containership (FCC)

A vessel specially designed to carry containers, with cell-guides under deck and necessary fittings and equipment on deck.


Treating of cargoes with gases to exterminate unwanted life forms.

Functional Layout

Machines of the same type are grouped together, e.g. lathes with lathes and milling machines with milling machines.


Full loaded weight & capacity (container)




FIATA Warehouse Receipt

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