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Geodis Wilson opens a temperature controlled warehouse

New dedicated pharmaceutical cross docking platform. The new temperature controlled warehouse opens at Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris.

Global freight management company Geodis Wilson has announced the opening of a new dedicated warehouse for pharmaceutical products at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

The new facility will be opened on Wednesday 3rd June at a ceremony to be attended by the Executive Vice Presidents of Geodis Wilson, press, customers and other stakeholders. It will provide a very good opportunity to meet with some of the senior Geodis team that works with customers in the pharmaceutical sector.

We would be pleased to welcome you at this ceremony, starting at 5 pm at Pullmann Hotel in Paris, Charles De Gaulle Airport. Please see the attached invitation for more details.

In case you would need traveling & accommodation support, please get in contact with Michael Zuchold, Communications Manager Geodis Wilson, Tel. +49 174 909 8788.

The new warehouse is dedicated exclusively to the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products, and complies with all relevant protocols and current standards in the sector. The facility offers:

• quality and integrity control     
• truck temperature check
• X Ray security checks
• temperature controlled transit storage
• shipment preparation ;
• export customs clearance formalities
• handover to airlines
• inventory, reverse management and quarantine facilities

Pharmaceutical products can be stored in a temperature-controlled area divided into two sections, offering one area with a temperature of between +2 and +8, and another with temperatures between +15 and +25 ◦C. In addition, there is a dedicated area for pharmaceutical goods at ambient temperature.

There is a high degree of security at the Geodis Wilson warehouse, which gives access only to authorised individuals, and is constantly monitored by CCTV. The warehouse is located in the bonded area of Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, and is available to all modes of transport.

All press wishing to attend please contact ISIS Communications.

About Geodis Wilson and the Geodis Group

Geodis Wilson is a leading global freight management company. With 6,000 employees in 50 countries, it delivers tailor-made, integrated solutions to customers enabling them to operate as ‘best in class’. Geodis Wilson manages cargo across five continents by sea and air, making supply chains transparent and flexible to manage. As the freight forwarding element of the Geodis Group, Geodis Wilson grew out of the merger of Geodis Overseas, TNT Freight Management, and Rohde & Liesenfeld. In November 2008 the group became part of the French rail and freight group SNCF. With its now 50.000 employees in 120 countries the group ranks among the top six companies in its field in the world, is no.4 in Europe and no. 1 in France.

For further information, please contact:

Michael Zuchold                                                 Peter Owen
Communications Manager Geodis Wilson              ISIS Communications
Tel.: + 49 174 909 8788                                     Tel: +44 1737 248300
Email: michael.zuchold@hq.geodiswilson.com       Email: peter@isiscomms.com

An archive of Geodis Wilson news releases and photographs is available from the ISIS Communications Press Room at www.isiscomms.com



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