25 augusti 2014 Strike at Ningbo Port

Port of Ningbo is subjected to strike by container trucking companies. The situation affects both imports to and exports out of Ningbo and causes delay of shipments. How long this strike will continue is hard to say. We will monitor the situation and work closely with our Geodis Wilson colleagues in Ningbo to find the best solutions in the given situation.

15 augusti 2014 Ocean freight information

EU main ports congestion As you are probably aware, several Rotterdam terminals are now severely congested, and the situation has been almost the same since spring 2014. Feeder operators have warned for congestion surcharges on several different occasions if the situation in the affected terminals would not improve significantly. The reasons for this eventual additional cost would be: Extra cos...

12 augusti 2014 Congestion in Chittagong Port

Since a few weeks back the port of Chittagong in Bangladesh has been subjected to very heavy congestion.

1 juli 2014 Geodis Wilson Awarded “Airfreight Forwarder of
the Year”

Geodis Wilson, an international freight management and logistics provider, has been awarded Airfreight Forwarder of the Year 2014 at the global World Air Cargo Awards Ceremony in Shanghai.

23 juni 2014 Ocean freight market & China Advance Manifest Regulation

The market situation The volatile and unpredictable situation in the market continues, and new announcements from the carriers about General Rate Increases (GRI) are now announced for July. The GRI will apply for both Import from the Far East as well as for Export bound for Far East, Indian subcontinent, USA, Canada, Mexico, and Red Sea. Negotiations are still undergoing and we will advise the...


  Geodis Wilson is awarded Airfreight
  Forwarder of the Year 2014.
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